Profile Characteristics of Users on Top Dating Sites in Canada

This data report aims to analyze the profile characteristics of users on top dating sites in Canada. By examining key metrics such as profile pictures, bios, preferences, and activity levels, we aim to provide insights into the demographic and behavioral trends of the best dating sites Canada.


Data was collected from a sample of 1,000 user profiles across five top dating sites in Canada:, eHarmony, Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish (POF).

Profiles were randomly selected to ensure representativeness across different demographics and platforms.

Profile characteristics such as profile picture quality, completeness of bios, stated preferences, and activity levels were analyzed and quantified.


  1. Profile Picture Quality: and eHarmony users tend to have higher-quality profile pictures, with clear, well-lit images that showcase their features effectively.

Tinder and Bumble users often feature more casual or candid photos, with a mix of selfies, group shots, and outdoor activities.

POF users exhibit a wide range of picture quality, with some profiles featuring high-quality images and others showing lower-resolution or blurry photos.

  1. Completeness of Bios:

eHarmony users typically have the most detailed and comprehensive bios, often including information about interests, values, and relationship preferences. users also tend to have well-developed bios, with a balance of personal anecdotes, humor, and preferences.

Tinder and Bumble profiles often feature shorter bios, focusing more on catchy phrases, emojis, and conversation starters.

POF users exhibit variability in bio completeness, with some profiles containing detailed descriptions while others have minimal information.

  1. Stated Preferences:

eHarmony users commonly specify detailed preferences regarding potential matches, including age range, education level, religious beliefs, and lifestyle habits. users also express preferences for specific qualities in potential partners, such as personality traits, interests, and relationship goals.

Tinder and Bumble users often state preferences through swiping behavior, indicating attraction based on physical appearance and limited profile information.

POF users may mention preferences in their bios or match criteria but exhibit more variability in expressed preferences compared to other platforms.

  1. Activity Levels:

Tinder and Bumble users tend to have higher levels of activity, with frequent swiping, messaging, and interaction with matches. and eHarmony users may exhibit lower but more focused activity, with users spending time crafting personalized messages and engaging in deeper conversations.

POF users show variability in activity levels, with some profiles indicating active engagement while others show sporadic or minimal activity.


This data report provides valuable insights into the profile characteristics and behaviors of users on the best dating sites Canada. By understanding these trends, dating platforms can tailor their features, algorithms, and user experiences to better meet the needs and preferences of online daters in the Canadian market. Additionally, individuals seeking to optimize their online dating profiles can use these insights to create more attractive and engaging profiles that resonate with potential matches.