7 Ingredients for a Happy Marriage

It’s no secret that some marriages are tougher than others. Yet, finding happiness in marriage is absolutely possible. Here are seven key ingredients that have worked in my marriage, and I hope you find them relatable to yours too. I’d love to hear your thoughts and any additional tips you might have.


Disagreements are normal, even in the strongest relationships. What’s crucial is the ability to forgive each other. Holding grudges only leads to more problems. Remember, forgiveness is a cornerstone of any lasting relationship.


Agreement isn’t always necessary. Being open to compromise is vital. Marriage involves give and take, allowing both partners to make sacrifices for each other’s happiness. It’s all about balance, not winning every argument.


While not all marriages are built solely on love, it’s an essential ingredient for happiness. Love makes it easier to support each other, to do kind things without expecting anything in return, and to be there in times of need.


Having a partner who is also your friend makes a big difference. It’s about liking each other, not just loving each other. Friendship lays the foundation for many of the other ingredients on this list.


Trust removes doubt and strengthens a marriage. This includes trust in each other’s decisions, fidelity, and handling of finances. Trust is something that should be established even before saying “I do,” and it’s critical to maintain it.


Laughter truly is the best medicine. It’s important to find joy and humor in everyday moments. Being able to laugh at yourself and with each other can lighten any situation and bring you closer.


Open and honest communication is key. Without it, resentment and anger can build up, leading to bigger issues. It’s important to talk about what’s bothering you and to listen to your partner’s concerns as well.

These seven ingredients can greatly contribute to a successful and happy marriage. While every relationship is unique, these principles can offer a solid foundation. What do you think is the most important ingredient for a successful marriage?

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